About Park and Spa 2

One of the most important things for us to feel happy and enjoy life is to be in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Peace of mind comes with keeping the delicate balance between our inner and outer world

PARK & SPA 2 is the harmony outer world that will help you find the peace of mind you deserve.

PARK&SPA 2 is a gated residential complex, which guards the secure and tidy environment of its inhabitants, their peace and tranquillity, and lets them live in harmony with Nature and the greenery around.

The smart design, the construction and selection of the best contractors for each of building activities are guiding principles

for the development of PARK&SPA 2.  

One of the vital criteria when choosing high-end residential property is the abundance of light and space. That's why your apartment here has actual light area of 2.75 cm.

For us, quality is of the highest priority and compromising it is unacceptable. Construction is accomplished with high-quality materials only and in accordance with all modern requirements and standards.

PARK&SPA 2 consists of 4 entrances, access to which is possible only through the central entrance, a large and cosy lobby and a concierge. The complex has two-room, three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments and the ground floor apartments have small courtyards that will give you the feeling you live in a house, but in a more secure environment. Most of the apartments have breath-taking views of Vitosha mountain.

Security of the residents is top priority. Access from outside is controlled by continuous video surveillance and modern security methods, as well as by the concierge. The front door to the parking lot guarantees the safety of the parking space in the courtyard.

The residents of PARK&SPA 2 can indulge in the deep greenery of the courtyard, which is a secluded shelter from the hectic rhythm of life, with alleys, benches, a treadmill and a playground for children.

The jewel of PARK&SPA 2 is the Sports Complex, which includes indoor swimming pool, beauty salon, Fresh bar, Spa centre, fitness centre, group activities centre, massage studios. The combination of all these gives you the sense of balance and synergy between nature surroundings and the cosiness of your home and will make you forget the rush of everyday life.

The concept of PARK&SPA 2 has been developed completely in accord with the idea of providing tranquillity and quiet away from the hustle of today's modern city life and harmony to the successful person.

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